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About the Digital Showcase

The Digital Showcase is a series of events featuring live electronic music and visual art in a social setting. The showcases are held at various locations around Austin, including warehouses, art galleries, bars, and nightclubs. Combining elements of an art opening, a live concert, and a high-tech lounge, these events create an environment that is both socially and aesthetically engaging. The visual art includes video projections, digital prints, and interactive installation pieces. The live music performance spans a wide range of genres and styles, from DJs to solo laptop musicians to full bands.

Past Artists and Musicians

Past showcases have featured local and international artists including including Golan Levin, Ben Aqua, Pleix Collective, Jared Tarbell, Paper Rad, Hana Hillerova, Mumbleboy, and Sue Costabile. They have also featured live performances by renowned electronic musicians including including Matthew Dear, Richard Devine, Smash TV, DAT Politics, Murcof, Max Tundra, Sutekh, Freeform, FaltyDL, Bit Shifter, Nullsleep, DJ /rupture, and Múm. The Digital Showcase flyers have been designed by a wide range of talented designers from around the world.

Showcase Archive

Since the launch of the Digital Showcase in March of 2001, AMODA has held dozens of events featuring hundreds of artists, musicians, and flyer designers. Click the link below to view the full list of our past Digital Showcases.

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Showcase Photos

Thanks to our talented photographers, AMODA has many excellent photos documenting our past Digital Showcases. Please visit our Showcase Photos page to see these images.

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