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About the Exhibition Series

The Exhibition Series features various forms of digital art in a gallery setting. Among AMODA’s various programs, this one most closely resembles a traditional museum or art gallery show. Our exhibits are usually held in locations that can be reserved for several days or weeks. This gives us the ability to assemble more elaborate installations, hang large-scale print pieces, paint the walls a custom color, or otherwise customize the space. Our exhibits also tend to feature work that is thematically related or that comments on larger social and emotional issues.

Past Events and Artists

The Exhibition Series has featured a range of events including: a show around the theme of algorithmically generated art; a collection of abstract video pieces from Japan and Texas; an exploration of identity in the digital age through manipulated photography and video; and a meditation on the promise of progress inherent in technology. Artists featured at our previous exhibits have included Golan Levin (New York), James Tindall (London), Sue de Beer (New York), Greg Niemeyer (Berkeley), Ryoichi Kurokawa (Tokyo), David Wilcox (Austin), Paul M. Smith (London), Corkey Sinks (Austin), and many more.

Exhibition Archives

Due to being all-volunteer organization with no physical space, exhibits are quite challenging for AMODA to execute. As a result, we have only held a handful of them over the organization’s history. However, we hope to have more exhibits soon! For a full list of our past exhibits and detailed info on each, please click the link below.

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